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    Airpura F600 Chemical and Odor Removal Air Purifier

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    Eliminate possible dangers to your health and environment, from such chemicals such as formaldehyde and other serious airborne fumes with the Airpura F600 and F600DLX Air Purifiers. These air purifiers are designed to clean the air of large residential and commercial spaces up to 2,000 square feet. 

    What's the difference between F600 and F600 DLX? 

    • Perfect For: With an extra-large carbon filter, these heavy-duty air purifiers offer maximum protection from formaldehyde, a wide array of VOCs from household products and can be used in the workplace or commercial areas. 
    • Dual + Filtration Options: Choose the F600 DLX for 8 more pounds of activated carbon. It's ideal for spaces that is exposed to heavier chemicals or VOC abatement. 
    • Dimensions: 23 x 15 inches
    • Color Options: Available in black, white, and cream. Choose the one that best fits your room. 
    • Pressure Seal: Airpura's unique pressure sealed filter chamber ensures that all unclean air passes through the filters and without any leakage.

    Three-Stage Filtration with Deep Carbon Bed

    The Airpura F600 and F600 DLX Air Purifiers are commercial-grade air purifiers that are versatile enough to be used for residential use as well. They are designed to trap toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, VOCs, smoke, and other harmful fumes which could be dangerous to your health. Each air purifier features a 3-stage filtration system which is designed to address both the particle and gaseous pollutants. The filtration system includes:

    • Pre-Filter: This 570-square-inch x 1-inch-deep filter collects large particles and helps to extend the life of the HEPA and carbon filters. It can be easily vacuumed clean and should be changed every 12 months for maximum efficacy.
    • Carbon Bed: The Airpura F600 standard model features an 18 pound highly absorbent, premium-quality activated carbon while the F600 DLX model packs an impressive 26 pounds. This filter collects moderate to heavy chemical pollution from formaldehyde, ammonia, smoke, pesticides, glues, adhesives, and other chemicals even as strong as building and construction materials. The carbon filter typically lasts up to 2 years, depending on usage.
    • HEPA Filter: The HEPA filter traps carbon dust and allergen particles, providing a more thorough level of clean. It lasts approximately one year under regular use.

    Eco-Friendly Design

    Like other Airpura air purifiers, the Airpura F600 and F600 DLX Air Purifiers were created with decreasing their carbon footprint and being eco-friendly. Both air cleaners include a host of environmentally friendly features and design that were made to make them less impactful to the earth than other off-the-shelf units. Some of these features include:

    • PCB-Free Capacitors: All capacitors used in the F600 and F600DLX are free of polychlorinated biphenyls, or other harmful PCBs. These substances are known to be toxic to humans, animals, and the environment.
    • Zero Off-Gassing: This Airpura air purifier does not contain any plastic, rubber, silicone, adhesives, or bonding agents (other than a small number of materials required to meet UL, ETL, CE, and CSA safety guidelines). The absence of these materials helps reduce any off-gassing of chemical vapors, both within the clean air stream and in the unit's end-of-life phase.
    • All-Metal Housing: Our housing is made of100% metal, the F600 and F600 DLX air cleaners are designed to be compact and energy efficient as and they are 93% recyclable. The metal housing also prevents plastic off-gassing, which is quite common with many conventional units in the market.

    Additional Features

    • Runs Silently: The F600's backward-curved impeller fan greatly reduces vibrations and noise associated with conventional air purifier motors.
    • Variable Speed Motor: Choose from two filtration speeds.
    • Zero Air Leakage: The F600 has a pressure seal on its filter chamber which ensures that all of the contaminated air passes through the filters.
    • Airflow bypasses the engine: Regular air purifiers distribute clean air over the motor which in turn picks up impurities before it is released back into the environment. The F600 and F600DLX, solves this conundrum by positioning the motor away from the flow of the purified air.

    Why Choose the F600 and F600DLX?

    The Airpura F600 and F600 DLX Air Purifiers specifically eliminate formaldehyde, ammonia fumes, VOCs, and other quite harmful airborne chemicals. These can be found in your home, new construction even new desks as well as your environment in general.

    • Choose a Standard or Deluxe Model: The Airpura F600 standard model includes 18 pounds of activated carbon to fight moderate chemical pollution at work or at home. The Airpura F600 DLX deluxe model features 26 pounds of activated carbon for heavier chemical pollution.
    • Improved Air Quality: Right out of the box and within days of use, our customers have told us of a noticeable improvement and freshness in the air.
    • Replacements: We offer replacement pre-filters and HEPA Filters. Plus, get the F600 carbon filter or DLX filter replacement
    • Durable Quality: With longevity in mind, Airpura models are also backed by a 5-year warranty on parts. 

    Room Size (based on 4 Air Changes per Hour)

    1050 sq. ft.

    Recommended For

    Allergies, Asthma, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Odor & Chemical, Smoke, General Air Quality

    Best Fit

    Ideal for fighting formaldehyde pollution


    23 in.


    15 in.


    15 in.


    45 lbs.

    Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM)

    560 CFM

    Energy Star


    Number of Fan Speeds


    Manufacturer-Suggested Room Size

    2000 sq. ft.

    Filtration System

    F600: Carbon Filter, 18 lbs.Activated Carbon, HEPA Filter, Pre-Filter, Vacuumable
    F600DLX: Carbon Filter, 26 lbs. Activated Carbon, HEPA Filter, Pre-Filter, Vacuumable

    Pre-Filter Type


    HEPA Filter Type

    True medical-grade HEPA filter

    Ozone Emission


    Number of Filters to Change


    Pre-Filter Replacement

    12 Months

    HEPA Filter Replacement

    60 Months

    Carbon Filter Replacement

    24 Months

    Amount of Carbon

    F600: 18 lbs.
    F600DLX: 26 lbs.

    Filter Change Indicator




    Remote Control


    Programmable Timer



    Black, Cream, White



    Minimum Noise Level

    28.1 dB

    Maximum Noise Level

    62.3 dB

    Minimum Wattage

    40 W

    Maximum Wattage

    120 W


    110-120 V

    Wi-Fi Capable


    Air Purifier Type

    Portable Air Purifier

    Medical-Grade Filtration



    Please allow 14 days for your order to arrive. Due to COVID-19, please allow for longer than normal wait times. We partner with reputable brands from all over the country to bring you the best products at the best prices. This means sometimes you have to wait a little longer to get your order, but it's always worth it!

    Returns are easy, contact us to request a return for up to 30 days post purchase. You can read our full return and refund policy here.




    Where the Airpura Air Purifier is used for private or residential purposes, the following warranty applies. The determination of the type of use will be made exclusively by Airpura Industries Inc. If within five (5) years from the date of the original purchase by the end user from the Authorized Dealer, an Airpura R600, R614, C600, C600 DLX, T600, T600 DLX, H600, H614, V600, V614, P600, P614, F600, F614, F600 DLX, G600, G600 DLX or UV600, UV614 (with the exception of filters, UV lamps or electrical plugs) is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, Airpura Industries Inc. will either repair or replace the part or product free of charge for labor, materials and shipping only. This decision to repair or replace will be made by Airpura.

    If after five (5) years and not more than ten (10) years from the date of the original purchase by the end user from the Authorized Dealer, an Airpura (with the exception of filters or UV lamps) is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, Airpura Industries Inc. will at their option, repair or replace the part or product free of charge for labor only. Any replacement parts deemed necessary by Airpura Industries will be charged to the purchaser. The same warranty applies to the Airpura I600 within two (2) years of purchase for parts and labor and within 5 years for labor only. Obvious defects must be communicated to the Authorized Dealer within 10 days from the purchase date. This warranty shall not apply to damage caused through misuse, wear and tear, neglect, unauthorized repair or to damage caused through installation, adaptation, modification or use in an improper manner or inconsistent with Airpura’s operating and maintenance instructions, wear or deterioration due to environmental conditions or to damage occurred during transit. Airpura Industries will not be liable under this warranty for any fault or damage arising from defective workmanship, if the product has been serviced, repaired or modified by any person other than Airpura Industries Inc. or the manufacturer’s serial label has been removed or tampered with.

    All products returned for service or repair must be accompanied with a RA (Return Authorization) number. The RA number must be clearly visible on the external packaging. The absence of an RA number will delay the service or repair process. Any shipment to Airpura Industries Inc. not accompanied with an RA number will not be accepted or will be immediately sent back to the shipper. Please contact the dealer you purchased the unit at in order to receive an RA number prior to shipment.

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